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AllisonSlaterTateI am a wife, a daughter, and a mother to four children as well as two crazy dogs. I am a Leo and decidedly ENFP. I consume way too much Diet Coke and French macarons. No judging. I write because I can’t not write. Also, because I am too disorganized to actually fill out baby books. This will have to do.


The Mom Stays in the Picture

"I am not perfect to look at and I am not perfect to love, but I am perfectly their mother."

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"Giving birth is little more than a set of muscular contractions granting passage of a child. Then the mother is born."

- Erma Bombeck

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This Is 39

Posted on Feb 20 by

I am feeling my age. Age is a loaded word and concept, but in my case, what I mean is that I feel this year of 39 completely: this is not just another year in the life. When I...


28 Days of Play!

Posted on Feb 3 by

This month, I’m participating in the 28 Days of Play project over at Rachel Cedar’s You Plus Two Parenting & Beyond the Basics site. Rachel asked 30+ writers to...


When He Doesn’t Love Me

Posted on Jan 20 by

“Have a good day,” I said as my firstborn stumbled out of the minivan door, significantly encumbered by a giant Jansport backpack loaded with textbooks and a lunchbox...


The Rocks in His Pockets

Posted on Dec 28 by

They started appearing about a month or two ago by the handful. Every day, after school, my youngest son would show me when he hopped into the minivan and dropped his backpack...

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