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I’m this week’s guest blogger over at a new site named weeSpring. weeSpring isn’t paying me anything or sponsoring me or whatnot; I just happen to like the concept of the site and I’m proud to be there this week! The site is a mixture of reviews and social media, so it allows you to browse and review baby gear and products and also connect to see what your friends recommend. I wish it was around when I was pregnant with my first, because the weeSpring Top Forty is pretty much everything in my Top Forty too!

After four babies, I am strong believer in less is more when it comes to baby gear. What I like about weeSpring is that it helps you be picky and only buy what you really might use and like. It’s like a Cliff Notes version of Babies ‘R’ Us!

So check out my little post, then stick around and see what they have there at weeSpring. The founders are parents and they are really working hard to make life easier for us all!

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